Mentoring Tips: Listening Is Essential!

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Mentoring is a set a number of skills and it requires a combination of different skills. If you want to become a mentor, you must develop the habit of listening. This habit must be developed in you as well as cultivated in the other person. In addition to it, these skills must be tested again and again in order to confirm their effectiveness.

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Is listening enough?

Listening is not enough as you must know how to comprehend the incoming information. You must know how to categorize information in different sections. For instance, if a client wants to convey something related to your project, you must analyze the incoming information by focusing on your project. In a similar manner, one must know the importance of feedback. Feedbacks are not always positive and in case of a negative feedback, you must have the courage to analyze the feedback. Focus on the positive and negative aspects to understand the actual problem. This can also be termed as in-depth analysis.

Nonverbal Communication:

According to a survey, 70% of any communication is non-verbal. In order to be able to be a good communicator, you should be able to understand the non-verbal signs which include the body language, tone, emotions etc. Once you understand that how to communicate, you are in a great position to understand what is going on. Non-verbal communication is a strong type of communication. It involves gestures and if you become a pro in this regard, you will be able to analyze what people are trying to say by analyzing their gestures and facial expressions. Therefore, it is important to understand the importance of different non-verbal communication skills and their importance.

Gestures and body language:

It is very simple to assess someone’s body language. This simply means that you can judge what is going in other person’s mind by focusing on his or her body language. You can easily assess disappointment from the body language of your clients. In a similar manner, you can also assess satisfaction with their facial expressions. One must understand that there are several components of communication and mentoring requires combination for effectiveness.

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Mentoring Tips: Listening Is Essential!unratedBrandon Rodammer2018-11-20 05:47:52Mentoring is a set a number of skills and it requires a combination of different skills. If you want to become a mentor, you must develop the habit of…

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